Pictures from Dan Gleason's Big Book of Short Stories & Dogs


The Family Dog, by Michael D. Wolf

Mustachioed Dogs, by Lulu Callier

Hot Dogs, by Luke Smarto

Instant Poodle, by Eric Salus

Dogs With Fanny Pa(c)ks - Theresa Currie

Dogs In Hairnets, by Lulu Callier

Dogs On Pills, by Jay Vie

Barfing Dogs, by Michelle Lee

Radioactive Dogs - Michael Wolf

Ice Cream Dogs- Jennifer Bastian

Dogs on Speed- Dan Gleason

Dogs On Skates by Jeffrey Blankenship

Prosthetic Dogs- Ezra Clayton Daniels

Dildogs, by Luke Smarto

Dogs With Gold Chains, by Jennifer Bastian

The Dogs Of Hate, by Lulu Callier

Dogs In Hats - Michelle Lee

Dogs As Hats - Luke Smarto

Cowboy Dogs- Dan Gleason

Dogs in Hairpieces, by Jay Vie

Moon Dogs- Michael D. Wolf