one night, while at a show, i saw some bathroom graffiti that said my xboyfriend's band "love rich pussy"

it's pretty funny to think of that, (rich, as in....???)

but it was in the handwriting, the markings. i swear, i wish i'd taken a polaroid. the shape of those letters stayed with me. i don't think it could've been the same had i heard someone utter the silly phrase, but- ever have something so guttural and seemingly dumb ring so true?

this is what flooded out of my hand the following morning:

the sight of them
crooked black
a flaming snapshot of
whip sharp bite back

weren't meant for my
eyes, but
their flamboyance
and crooked black limbs of
sprang something of
a symphony of hissing

many stages after outrage;

a war call

a free-forall

instantly fixing
my gaze and
intent to pee
upon their crude humpback

thawing a veil of
deep-freeze from
frontal lobe's abandoned

and hushed a slew
of haunted gurgling
from the gut, where

too many orphans
slept alone in one room


- Anonymous