Yes the FBI came knocking on our door

I was waiting for Shawn Durr to pick me up and heard the doorbell and rushed downstairs to leave. I opened the door and there stood two men wearing suits. I though they were Jehovah witness guys. They asked me if I was Usama Alshaibi and then flashed their FBI I.D badges (just like the movies). I freaked for a second and told them that I would be right back before I let them in. I ran upstairs and told my wife Kristie that the FBI were downstairs, she asked me if I was joking, I said no. Kristie was wearing her robe so she went to the bedroom to change. I let them in and they asked me if I lived alone. I said I lived with my wife Kristie and the they told me that they wanted to speak to her. this must be about her porn-site I thought.

They were very polite. They commented that we had a nice place. I said thanks. I was trying to clean off our kitchen table that had vitamin bottles and cereal bowls. Kristie came out. They introduced themselves and flashed their badges again. The FBI told her that they have to investigate her on possible connections to terrorism. They asked her if she ran the website and she said yes. Apparently someone had informed them that Kristie made an entry stating that the next terrorist attack may come from a blonde white girl since everyone was looking for Arabs. It was over a debate going on over racial profiling on They asked her to explain her statement. She did. They asked her if she had any inclination towards violent actions against the USA or Israel. She said no.

Then the phone rang, it was Shawn. He was oblivious and waiting for me downstairs. I went downstairs and told him that the FBI were here, his mouth stayed opened like he was in shock. He went to get something from his car and came upstairs with me. Shawn looked very nervous. They asked Kristie a few more questions about where she worked (In the John Hancock building!) and we all pretty much chit-chatted.

They asked me about myself. They asked if I was born in the USA. I told them I was born in Baghdad, lived in the USA most of my life and was recently naturalized as a citizen. We talked about who may have tipped them about Kristie (they said it was an anonymous tip). We also told them that sometimes our political views are controversial and has caused fanatics on to threaten us with calling the FBI. They understood, and said our views were not in question, and made a point of stating they also protect peoples civil liberties and have agents working on discrimination cases. We shook hands and they left.

Shawn kept saying OH MY GAWD! We were all freaked but also excited. It was a trip. I think our phone is bugged.

I thought they were very respectful and friendly. I never felt threatened by them...maybe a little freaked.


- Usama Alshaibi