An unsent letter (email):


  As you said I sound angry when we speak, I will give you an example as to why my frustration comes out. 

  I asked you for the procedure on dealing with SAP students "what do you do with pending dismissal and dismissal students".  You did not understand this question, so I rephrased.  You brought over the play book to look for the procedure as Zena told you it was in there.  Now, if I am mistaken please correct me; dealing with re-entries is your main responsibility at this point.  If this is the case, I would think that as this is your main responsibility you would be aware of the process prior to asking someone else to take appointments on your behalf.  I am not saying that I have a problem with assisting these students, but I get frustrated and even angry at the fact that you expect me to assist you with this when you do not even know the proper procedure.  And even more that you expect me to take time from my main job responsibilities to help you find the procedure/ or run reports. 

  I am frustrated because at this point you have been here for 11 months and still do not know what you are doing.  You have been to all of the available training for Campus and should be able to sufficiently navigate the system and run reports without my help.

  I have my own work to do; and as you get frustrated at Manny for "sitting in his office socializing, when you are running  around like  crazy" I am frustrated that I am helping you do your job and my responsibilities are suffering.

  So as to the subject line: Thanks is sarcastic.   Thanking you for continuing to look for the SAP procedures after I asked you for them.


- Jana Roon