Found Teeth


Denture Key Chain

While living in Pittsburgh about eleven years ago, my roommate woke me up very early one morning and said, "You've gotta come outside and see what the neighbors are throwing away!" I begrudgingly went outside and found that a dentist had died or cleaned house and someone was throwing away numerous boxes of dental supplies, tools and records. Among the intriguing trash items was a box of used dentures. My roommate and I thought it would be fun to make some of the dentures into key chains. We drilled holes into a bunch of the dentures and distributed them to friends as gifts. I have kept my denture key chain all this time. A small piece cracked off years ago and it has lost a couple of teeth along the way. Other than that, it has proven very durable and it still grosses people out as much today as it did eleven years ago.



Amy's Teeth

This was also found in Pittsburgh about eleven years ago. It was in a drawer of keepsakes among many boxes of trash left along the curb for pick up. The object is fairly self-explanatory - it is a small jewelry box that evidently contains the baby teeth of Amy.

[ed note - I actually think these are rotten teeth that someone had pulled. Notice the cavities.]



Dental X-Ray

This was found in a paper recycling bin at University of Illinois at Chicago in August of 2002. Curiously enough, the x-ray itself is dated from 1991 - around the time that I found the other two tooth related items in this collection.

- Marc Fischer