Your question about 10 books other people should read reminded me a survey I did some years ago asking people for the list of 10 books that had most interested them. I don't remember what were my own answers at that time, I shall check later, here are my answers for today:

  1. Wahrhaftige Historia
    Hans Staden

  2. Théâtre d'agriculture
    Olivier de Serres

  3. The confessions of an English opium eater
    Thomas de Quincey

  4. Mea culpa

  5. Katyn
    General W Anders

  6. Tristes tropiques
    Claude Lévi-Strauss

  7. Subtile Jagden
    Ernst Jünger

  8. Ma confession
    Albert Caraco

  9. Escolios a un texto implícito
    N Gomez Davila

  10. Garden
    Derek Jarman


- Philippe Bille