10 Books

  1. Cannery Row
    John Steinbeck
    The best first paragraph in any work of fiction yet. A possible exception would be the first paragraph of the next book...

  2. Don Quixote
    Miguel Saavedra De Cervantes
    Truly Cervantes birthed the modern novel with this one. Read it in spanish so you can revel in the puns, double-entendres and total weirdness that english translations loses.

  3. Leaves of Grass
    Walt Whitman
    Who hasn't read and reread this?

  4. The Necessity for Ruins
    John Brinkerhof Jackson
    Seminal text on landscape studies. This is the guy.

  5. If Beale Street Could Talk
    James Baldwin
    The harlem renaissance was a mighty fine time for writing. This book is sweet.

  6. Cane
    Jean Toomer
    Harlem renaissance yes. Sensuous innovation in language. This book belongs to its own genre.

  7. Coming Home to Eat
    gary paul nabhan
    Seed nerd decides to only eat food he can grow or trade or forage in the arizona desert. Road kill becomes dinner often.

  8. Stalking the Wild Asparagus
    Euell Gibbons
    Eagle scout turns nutty forager extraordinaire and prosletizer of wilds foods. Recipies included.

  9. On the Beach
    Nevor Shute
    A haunting reality check - recommended for politicians especially.

  10. The Cheese Primer
    Steven Jenkins
    The bible for cheese whores.


- Nance Klehm