10 in no particular order

  1. Hiroshima
    by John Hersey

  2. Walking Through a Clear Pool Painted Black
    by Cookie Muller

  3. Post Office
    by Bukowski

  4. Paper Boy
    by Peter Dexter

  5. Race
    by Studs Terkel

  6. The Shah of Shah's or Imperium
    by Ryzard Kapusinki

  7. Down By The River: Drugs, Money, Murder, and Family
    or Blood Orchid: An Unnatural History of America by Charles Bowden

  8. In the Lake of the Woods
    by Tim O'Brien

  9. The Autobiography of Malcolm X
    by Malcocolm X and Alex Haley

  10. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
    by Dee Brown


- Melinda Fries