Surely, this list would be different in a different week of my life, though these are books I care about, and books I recommend.

  1. Angle of Repose
    by Wallace Stegner

  2. The Assistant
    by Bernard Malamud

  3. The Book of Seeing With One's Own Eyes
    by Sharon Doubiago

  4. Budding Prospects
    by T. Corghessen Boyle

  5. The Collected Stories
    by John Cheever

  6. The Count of Monte Cristo
    by Alexandre Dumas

  7. Growth of the Soil
    by Knut Hamsun

  8. Independent People
    by Halldor Laxness

  9. Mystery Ride
    by Robert Boswell

  10. The Song Lines
    by Bruce Chatwin


- Kevin Cummins