10 Books

  1. Into the Wild
    Jon Krakauer
    The profound story of Christopher McCandless, American hero.

  2. The Man in the High Castle
    Phillip K. Dick
    The trauma of hyper-dimensional reality cloaked in film noir.

  3. Gangs of New York
    Herbert Asbury
    The roots and fruits of American street gang mentality.

  4. The Elegant Universe
    Brian Greene
    I used to think Michio Kaku was cool until I saw him ice skating.

  5. The Dark Side of Genius
    Donald Spoto
    Alfred Hitchcock was a complex person.

  6. The Murder Of Christ
    Wilhelm Reich
    A ranting lunatic makes more sense than anyone else.

  7. Story- Dreams in the Witch House
    H.P Lovecraft
    Poe + Einstein = demons.

  8. Atlas Shrugged
    Ayn Rand
    Grow some balls, you hairless pink leech.

  9. Story- The Black Cat
    E.A. Poe
    Read a biography of Poe, there's lot's out there.

  10. Body
    Harry Crews
    The most hilarious book yet.


- Grady Sain