list of top ten book faves... in no particular order, and with absolutely no assurance that I've forgotten to list something that has meant a great deal to me..

  1. The World Is Round
    by Gertrude Stein

  2. Not Since Carrie; 40 Years of Broadway Musical Flops
    by Ken Mandelbaum

  3. The Delicate Prey
    by Paul Bowles

  4. The Swimming Pool Library
    by Alan Hollinghurst

  5. The Autobiography of My Mother
    by Rosellen Brown

  6. The Raj Quartet
    by Paul Scott

  7. The Master
    by Colm Toibin

  8. Household Saints
    by Francine Prose

  9. The Power and the Glory
    by Graham Greene

  10. Mrs. Dalloway
    by Virginia Woolf


- David Aylsworth