The Last 10 Books I've Read

  1. Thank You For Not Reading,
    by Dubravka Ugresic - 3 1/2 stars.

  2. Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder,
    by Lawrence Weschter - Badly written but interesting subject.

  3. Moby Dick
    by Herman Melville - 4 stars.

  4. All the Names
    by Jose Saramago - So-so.

  5. The Life and Times of Michael K
    by JM Coetzee - Excellent.

  6. Portrait of the Artist
    by James Joyce - Great!

  7. One Man's Bible
    by Gao Xingjian - Sucks! Read Soul Mountain by the same guy instead.

  8. Art of Fiction
    by John Gardner - Good for writers.

  9. Bodies in Motion and at Rest
    by Thomas Lynch - Good essays.

  10. Swann's Way
    by Marcel Proust - Great!


- Catherine Behan