hey you know i have been reading a lot which it not saying much cause i usually don't read books just mags, newspaper.. it's mainstream basic

  1. seabiscuit- the movie sucked after reading this

  2. to the nines- janet evanovich wait till it comes out in paperback light funny trash

  3. harry potter-j k rowling not as good as others

  4. the da vinci code - fun fast read guess people should read it

  5. it's not about the bike - good old lance armstrong 5 time champ

  6. anything by Jeanette Waterson, ee cummings my faves

  7. silver wings santiago blue by janet dailey

  8. about women flyers in ww2 trash but i learned something

  9. haiku this other world by richard wright

    how about children's books?

  10. cloudy with a chance of meatballs by judi barrett drawings by ron barrett

  11. also by them old macdonald had an apartment house

  12. old mother west wind by thornton w burgess
    he has a series out, all good for kids

  13. bill peet an autobiography
    or any of his 30 other kid books


- Arlene Garfield