Recommended books from my readings for the year 2005

  1. Abduction,
    (Cook) A good Sci-Fi yarn thats a little slow getting started but developes into a delightful page turner.

  2. The Juggler,
    A very entertaining and enjoyable story of man in the middle ages who sells his soul to achieve a life's dream.

  3. Riotous Assembly
    (Tom Sharp)
    A Monty Python like romp into insanity thats hysterically funny at times, and just a belly shaker the rest.

  4. The Iron Lance
    First volume of a trilogy, but a complete story in itself, and a superb historic adventure saga that leaves you wanting more.

  5. The Tattooed Soldier
    (Hector Tobar)
    A fascinating look at the consequences of violence and revenge.

  6. The Posession of Joel Delaney
    (Ramona Stewart)
    Superb story telling.

  7. Great Elephant
    (Alan Scholefield)
    Being a sucker as I am for historic fiction, this was a fascinating story of a Dutch family's alliance with the king of the Zulu nation at the height of it's power.

  8. The Samuri's Tale
    (Eric Christian Haugaard)
    Though apparently written for a young person, this was still a fasinating saga set in 16th century Japan.

  9. The Footprints of God
    (Greg Iles)
    A real page turner on the folly of going too far with artificial intelligence. Sci-Fi thriller.

  10. The Brethren
    (John Grisham)
    Every Grisham book I've read has been good but this one travels in even more fascinating directions than most.

    *NOTE: That being in prison, my reading options are very limited, hence this list of old titles. But new or old, a good book remains a good book, and these are indeed good reading.


- Angelo