10 Books

  1. Runaway Jury,
    by John Grisham
    A fascinating read. Better than the movie (and different).

  2. The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail,
    by Lincoln
    Fascinating speculations about Jesus, with a great deal of supportive evidence.

  3. King Rat
    by James Clavell
    So good that I read this one twice, and it was every bit as good as the first time.

  4. Cold Mountain
    by Frazier
    Great story telling. Much better than the movie.

  5. Warriors of God
    by J Reston Jr
    A superbly written historical account of the third crusade. It also reveals the nature of the fanaticism behind the present hostility in Iraq.

  6. The Lord God Made Them All
    by Herriet
    Delightful short stories following the funny adventures of a British country vetinarian. This is one of over a half dozen books by the same author; all much recommended.

  7. Honk and Hollar Opening Soon
    by Letts
    A really enjoyable and funny read that I almost passed by owing to the curious title.

  8. Hannibal
    by Harris
    The third of the Hannibal Lector series, so good I read it twice.

  9. Where the Heart Is
    by Letts
    Very good.

  10. War of the Rats
    By Robbins
    Historical fiction. Great account of a WW2 Russian sniper in the city of Stalingrad.


- Angelo