1. What was the first crime you heard about?
The first crime I heard about was the assassination of J.F.K. Age 5, I think.

2/3. What was the first crime you witnessed? What was the first crime you committed?
The first crime I witnessed was the first I committed, me stealing packages of kool-aid from the Jewel, age 8 maybe.


Tell us about the most fucked up job you ever had.
The most fucked up job I ever had was working at a hand car wash. What made it fucked up was they paid 50 cents a car, and when it rained, or looked like rain, no cars came. Another thing that sucked about it was that I got assigned to washing windows. There would be two columns of cars lined up and the window washer was the first one in so the pace was fast. The back window was the worst. People’s back seats are often full of stuff. Also we had to use terry cloth towels to clean the windows and they had to be dry. So you would be there every day but Sunday 8:30 till 7 for maybe 140.00 cash.

Tell us about a time you were a boss.
Once I told a plant manager in a job interview I wanted more than I thought he would pay because the job was very far from my house. He said that for that money he would need me to be foreman. The deal was struck. There were 5 toolmakers that I was in charge of. The plant manager was the most destructive person I ever worked with. He brought us at least one broken die every day. One day I heard a press making even more noise than usual so I examined the die and it was really dull. I told the Plant manager, also named Larry to pull it for sharpening. He said he only had 500 more pieces to run. I told him the die was about to break. His answer was “I feel lucky today”. Ten minutes later the die setter brought me the broken die. One day thereafter the guy that was his boss and mine, (I had three counting the owner) asked what do you think of Larry? I told him he was totally unqualified for his position. I may have been giving my notice at the time because I left the the company shortly thereafter. I heard they demoted him, and he was sitting in the toolroom at the jig grinder telling the guys Larry fucked me. I totally did fuck him.


- LG