1. What was the first crime you heard about?
Not exactly sure, but pretty certain it would have been related to a kid named Raymond who lived down the street from me.

2/3 What was the first crime you witnessed? What was the first crime you committed?
This kind of ties in with the next question because at first I thought I was watching the crime unfold but as it when on I felt I was more and more complicit in the crime.

My dad picked up me and my brother ( my mom would probably think not writing "my brother and I" as a crime) from my cousins' house when I was about 4-ish years old. We were walking to the car when my dad pulled out some keys from his pocket, pointed to some white car and said, "hey, do you think these fit in that car?" My brother is about 2 and 1/2 years older than me so I think he knew what was up, but what started out as confusion for me was turning in to white hot fear. My dad put the keys in the car door, "huh, it works, wanna go for a ride?" We get in the car and start driving. What was going on? Why were we in somebody else's car? What if we get caught? Panic starts taking over and at this point I think my brother and my dad took notice of my extreme discomfort and my dad told me that it was a rental car and that our car was in the shop.



Tell us about the most fucked up job you ever had.
I worked as a commercial set builder for awhile building sets for American Idol, Swiffer, and other like companies. My job itself wasn't really that fucked up, but just seeing the amount of effort and waste that goes in to producing a ten second commercial was pretty fucked up

Tell us about a time you were a boss. My first freelance carpentry job building furniture for an office I hired on a friend to help me with the construction. It was really fun until I had to deal with all the taxes, 1099's, receipts, invoices, and BS that is still haunting me years later.

Tell us about your paycheck.
I finally have a full time job with a consistent paycheck and it's great. Working freelance is such a pain in the ass.


- Julian Davis