1. What was the first crime you heard about?
Celeste Cook killing her husband in Bel Air Addition, Athens, TX.

2. What was the first crime you witnessed?
I probably think it was drug-dealing. I am sure I unknowingly witnessed all sorts of stuff before this but the first moment where I thought "wow, did I just see what I think I saw?" was at age 8 in Austin, TX watching people on the grounds of the Texas State Capitol. I think we were waiting for my sister who was a tour guide inside and I witnessed two men making a very obvious transaction.

3. What was the first crime you committed?
I don't think I can remember a first crime. Only the first time caught. The one that stands out in my head is stealing money from my mom to buy candy from the vending machine in 1st grade. Charms, grape flavor. Busted.


Tell us about the most fucked up job you ever had.
Yo Mama's Donuts. Not really cause it was fucked up but because it had a stupid name and I have no fucking clue why or how I worked there. I was in high school, hungover on Saturday mornings and the grease smell made me throw up. I worked a week at a translation company proofreading documents translated from languages I don't speak. I just sat there and sorta pretended to proofread cause I had no idea what I was looking for. Quit cause I got a teaching job.

Tell us about a time you were a boss.
I don't think I have ever been a boss. I don't ever want to be. Except maybe my own. I suck at delegating and I don't ever want to offend anyone-two skills necessary for bossing. Teaching is not bossing because my students are more like my clients not my employees.

Tell us about your paycheck.
It gets automatically deposited. It is less than my last job. I don't think a lot about it. It is only slightly less than I wish I made. It doesn't feel directly related to work I do.


- Jill Adams