1. What was the first crime you heard about?
The 10 Commandments

2. What was the first crime you witnessed?
I am trying to remember to the best of my recollection since this took place when I was 5 yrs. old at the time. I know I was not with my parents when this took place. I was sitting in the back seat with my sister on our way home in a car that belonged to a woman who was a friend of my mothers. She had decided to stop at a convenience store to buy something. I sat there watching the people walk by when all of a sudden an African American came running out of the store with a gun in his hand, and quickly jumped into the passenger’s side of the car next to us, and sped off. The store clerk ran after him quickly trying to catch a view the license tag. The police showed up and we had to wait until they had finished questioning all the witnesses. The woman was shaken up, but managed to drive us home. Later that night I had a nightmare where I thought the man was coming after me with the gun pointed at me. I could not sleep that night, so I went to my mom’s bed to seek safety and comfort.

3. What was the first crime you committed?
I stole candy from my mother's purse.


Tell us about the most fucked up job you ever had.
Oh, aren't they all?!?!

Tell us about a time you were a boss.I am a boss! I love it, too. I have learned through hard experience what I don't like my bosses to do, and I try to avoid doing those things. My bookbinding teacher used to tell us he was our benevolent dictator, and that's what I try to be also... in some ways. But in other ways, my employees really save my ass.

Tell us about your paycheck.
I just noticed it has my friend's address on it as if it were my own. But I'm just crashing with her for now.


- Ivan Riascos