Love Diaries

I don't think I have ever had a better time going out with someone in my entire life! I really love my new boyfriend. He's so great! First of all, this morning, he promised to wake up super early with me to go to the doctor... So Sweet. When I tried to wake him up he grumbled something about me being a stupid bitch, and then pushed me off of him... It was divine. The poor thing has had no money for the past six months, so I have been supplying him with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, money, food, you name it. Sometimes I wonder if he will pay me back so a couple of times I have asked him, and he called me a Jew and laughed in my face. He has such a good sense of humor!! Once, I brought up money in front of him and his friends, and he called me Whoopi Goldberg (a famous Jew), laughed in my face again, pushed me, and looked around to get his friends approval. They all sorta had this weird look on their face, like they didn't know what to do, but I knew he was just being creative and funny again and I know he loves me so the whole pushing thing does not bother me. I laughed and laughed!!! I just can't explain how much I love this guy.

So anyways back to today, he finally got his first check from his job in New York. Oh I can fast forward back to that too. One night when he was gone to New York I went out with my friend Lindsey, and I neglected to call him every thirty minutes as he wished. My stupid ass actually ended up passing out in a bar for about three hours... I woke up and called him, and he was CONVINCED that I cheated on him. Silly bear. When he got home from New York, he threw me through a wall, but I mean I guess I would have done the same thing too. I did piss him off, but how could I EVER cheat on such a wonderful human being? So fast forward to today and the first day ((OOPS! he just farted in bed next to me... I just LOVE when he does that!!)) that we were supposed to go out because he finally had money. We were going to go to the movies. He is such a sweetheart, and we had so much fun last time we went to the movies 8 months ago. But I asked if we could stop at the grocery store so that I could buy myself the coffee mix that I enjoy so much, he complied, and we realized that the movie we were going to see was being sold bootleg in front of the store. I was disappointed because I really wanted to see it on the big screen, not the small screen, but he really wanted to watch the bootleg, using his great reasoning on me that since I woke up too late (3 pm) it was too late to go see a movie and we might as well buy the bootleg. I figured he was right, since he always is, so I bought the movie that he was going to take me to see. Since I wanted to watch it on the big screen, the sweetheart promised me that when we got home, he would hook it up to the projector so it could be projected really big, but I guess he was tired from that long walk to the store, and said that he probably broke the projector today when he knocked it over, and refused to watch it big on the wall.

We were also going to go out for dinner. He also decided to skip that and agreed to have me drive to the local Little Ceasars where we got the 5 dollar pizza special. But this time, we didn't only get the pizza, we got to get Crazy Bread too. And he paid for it all! But I could only get one of the 50 cent crazy sauces, because I already had something resembling cheese sauce at home, and why would I want to get another one? Again, him and his GREAT reasoning skills.

We decided that later we would go out for drinks, but I guess that 5 dollar pizza really left him high and dry because he was barely able to buy me a pint of vodka, after I had bought him countless, and then when I asked him if he wanted to go out for drinks, after we had watched the bootleg movie on the television, he told me that I had said that I did not want to go out for drinks, Although I don't remember saying that, I figured it was just him trying to watch out for me and my tendancy to drive drunk. I swear he is constantly thinking about me and my well being.

Instead I got a little sad that we did not go out at all, and he informed me that if my lazy ass had been up earlier, we could have gone to the museum together. Even though I had to get up at 5 am to get my medication and was up until 9 am, without sleep, I guess I missed my chance. But he is so sweet! A date at the museum... and here I go ruining everything by sleeping. He is right. I am an intolerable bitch.

I was feeling bad so I started to clean the house. I decided one last time to ask him if he wanted to go out. He told me to fuck off and keep cleaning. I know that's what I'm for and I don't think I have been quite doing my job cleaning enough and I am a bit of a slob, but when I made 6 bags of garbage that I could not take downstairs because they were heavy and he refused to, it is sort of hard to clean a house. But then again it is my role and I should just toughen up.

After all of this, after waking up 3 hours previously, he told me he just wanted to go to sleep. Poor boy... he had SUCH a hard day. He told me to stay the fuck away from him Finally when he went to sleep I put my head on his chest just to get some human affection, and he put his arms around me and we went to sleep until about midnight. The window was open and I had no blanket because he was sleeping on it, so I closed the window and tried to ask him kindly if I could use the blanket and give him other pillows, and he said to me "Go away. Fuck Off. It's over." and turned around. Then he farted several times and started snoring loudly. God I love my man. This is truly bliss. What else can love be? I am truly on cloud 9 and all I want to do is profess to the world how much I love this man. I am forbidden to write about him, so I hope he doesn't see this or I might have a new bruise, but since this is a testament to my love, I would hope he wouldn't be too harsh. My friend just called and informed me that I missed an excellent sold out show with members of a band that I really like, but I'm actually really glad that I stayed home and had this alone time with my boyfriend. Alone time is always important. Hey I still have that bottle of Vodka. I guess I'll drink it and stare at the back of his beautiful head and listen to him snore and fart. The perfect ending to the perfect day.


- Meg McCarville