My favorite found Notes, (besides FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES) are the ones whare someone ends the note by saying something like "be sure to tear up this Note" or "dont let anyone find this Note!" I remember I found a Note on some stationary of a Company, so I called the Number, and asked for the Lady who found the note (Her name was "Margie") the note was evidently a 3 Pager (I had only found the last page.) I asked to speak to Margie, and I made out like I was upset about what was in the note! I told Her I found the last Page, and I asked Her to please tell Me what was going on! I just had to know what this was all about! she started screaming at Me! I said "well, if You cant tell Me about Your Problem, than I cant Help You can I?" I called her a few times over the next Month or so, asking Her how it was all working out. "Margie" would scream things like "You Weird Fuck! you're toooo Crazy to be real!" At Christmas, I Mailed margie back the Page from the note that I found, and I placed it inside of a Beautiful Hallmark Card. I wrote "Dear Margie, I didn't know what to get You for Christmas, so Im sending THIS to You!" I signed the Card "Toooooo CRAZY to be Real"

- Dave Whitman