This is a note I found between the pages of a used book I bought some time ago. The book certainly belonged to some public library of the army. Enrico Puppo probably took the book from the library but never bring it back, and then sold it to somebody. Or maybe the library has been dismissed. - I don't know. Anyway, the story of the book began on December, 3rd, 1984, and I found myself thinking that in a strange way it's still going on with this few lines. If you look beside the note, you'll find a list of names of some officers. The list should have been much longer.

Where's Enrico Puppa now? Who is he? Why the book never come back to the library? And has it really been stolen from the library? And why? Too much beautiful?

The italian title of the book by Nikolàj Leskòv - Il viaggiatore incantato - means something like "the enchanted traveller". I'd like to think that maybe, in this case, the traveller is the book itself, not the main character of the novel. - I mean, this would be a perfect case of metaliterature. The book's title means its story: that of a journey between the lifes of people who never come to know each other... And if you stop to think about it, I'll find that this is something that leaves you speechless. Enchanted.


- found by Oiver