Jump!: How to Bail Out of a P-38

  The P-38 has one of the most unique designs in military aircraft history.  It has two tails on a small frame. It has two turbochargers and is a record breaker. The cockpit looks like a little pod in the middle of the wings. I like the plane because of its strange design.

  I am going to explain two ways to bail out of a P-38.  In method one, first open your cockpit.  Climb out of your cockpit until you are in the middle of the wings. Jump through the space between the two tails.  Pull your ripcord.

  For method two, fly your P-38 upside down.  Open your cockpit and fall out headfirst.  Pull your ripcord.

  For both methods, you will need a P-38, a parachute, and an instruction manual. 

  I may not know how to fly a P-38, but I know the basics of how to bail out of one!


- Augie Pomerleau, age 8