I Love Instruction

I am a man from inside the moon,
abandoned in America, out past curfew,
mind amid electric pink palms in 80s
Miami music video, formica mold,
ultramarine balloon, back to Earth,
affected, gaslight rains to digitalis,
seashore dormant distraction,
cold dorm, dead coed crush,
peridot pill, dusty fog-bottle hue,
napalm sun screen, shadow, hole,
stencil eclipse, pallid high,
petrochemical pelican breast,
hanged neighbor boot and crutch,
songstress in a crown of thorns
and shapeless hippie dress;
these tracks a tightrope biased
by a sink full of dark matter burden
and a light white lace madrigal act
converting energy into frowns,
shame preening a hopeful coax
to throttle much of all the rage,
a Tab can-colored aftertaste,
a Krylon cough, viridian thrill,
covering a city grid with lead,
rising back to the lunar aftermath,
where I'll resume my duties instead
of accepting you challenge
of taking the most-travelled path.

- Andrew Early