[This is one of the oddest collections of homoerotic pics done by a straight guy I've seen in awhile. Combined with the writing it's amazing. - Melinda]

The Gunfighters
Paintings and text by Lea McCarty 1959

Mr. A. M. King, Wyatt Earp Deputy in the 1900's, who has watched the painting of these Gunfighters and who highly endorses the authentic work in this remarkable book on the historic Old West.

John Wesley Hardin [has fireworks in his pants]
In a burst of rage over an incident, Wes, at the age of 15, cut down his first man, a Negro, in Washington County, Texas, and also shot four more men who pursued him. Young Hardin was right handy with a six gun.

Bat Masterson As a young man he left home to become a buffalo hunter on the great plains when the vast herds were being annihilated by thousands of hunters who left the meat to rot and shipped skin and bones off to St. Louis by the trainload.

John Ringo His fine manners and gentle decorum set him apart from the rough element.

Curly Bill Brocius was born somewhere in Texas about 1840 - an ugly gunslinger who'd kill a man on the least provocation and laugh over a card game an hour later.

Jesse James Jesse was spawned of the Civil War as a Quantrell Raider, and that his fast gunhand can be attributed to the Navy Colts cap-and-ball which set a faster pace in the art of draw-shoot killing.

The Most Famous Of All Old West Gunfights