Fakes and Scams

Dear Scott McFarland,

I am Barrister Christopher Samuels, personal attorney to Mr. W. M. McFarland, a national of your country who worked for Shell Development Co. in Lome, Togo, and who was a major shareholder in the International Cement Co., Lome (hereinafter referred to as my client), and I am contacting you because on 21 October 2002, my client, his wife and their only daughter were killed in a car accident along Nouvissi express Road while on holiday to Karra, and as his lawyer I must inform you, firstly, that all necessary funeral arrangements were made, and secondly, that I have made many enquiries to the Swedish embassy (and others) to locate my client's blood relations, and that, since my search has proved futile, and since I have located you by tracking my client's name over the Internet, it is now my duty to inform you, whether or not you are a blood relation of my client, on account of your having the same surname as my client, that my client left behind the sum of Ten Million Dollars (US$10,000,000) in a Bank, and that your assistance is needed to repatriate this fund before the dormant account is declared unserviceable and is confiscated, as the Bank has issued a notice to provide the next of kin in the next twenty-one days and I must obtain your consent in order to present you as the next of kin.

I have this obsession that if the Bank confiscates these monies it might not be put into proper and useful ventures to benefit the poor masses of this world.

Best regards.


- Scott McFarland