Sam: OK so I think it was in middle school, sixth grade year which is the first year of middle school, we were always trying to figure out ways to make some cash. I used to work at a baseball card shop, it was kind of what we were into at that age. So we had all these base ball cards and we told everyone our team - we were divided up into teams [at school]. We started telling everyone we were going to have a raffle. And we were going to raffle off a Ken Griffy Jr. rookie card. The Upper Deck Ken Griffy Jr rookie card was the hottest card - besides the really old super expensive cards like the Honus Wagner card - it was the hottest card. It was worth a couple hundred dollars or something. Which we didn't even have. [the card]

We told everyone we were going to raffle off a Ken Griffy Jr. Rookie Card and we were selling all these tickets and then I think it was a week after we were selling tickets and we thought we had sold enough we were going to pull a ticket and whoever got it was going to win it. I can't remember how much we sold the tickets for, I think it was a dollar or two dollars. I also can't remember how many we sold but I'm sure it was close to a hundred dollars or more.

There were two scams involved in it. First of all we didn't even have a Ken Griffy Jr. rookie card. We were actually going to give away a Jim Abbot rookie card, that's the pitcher that had one arm. It was a good card too but nowhere close to a Ken Griffy Jr. rookie card. Second, it was rigged. Basically we were going to have my friend win. So no one would ever know. He would get the [Abbot] card for a dollar. It worked out for him, it worked out for us.

So what happened was, is this kid Joey Skow, he was a really good skater, even back then he was unbelievable. Could have been a sponsored type skater. He ended up being one of my really close friends but I remember at the time it was just that age with cliques and everything. He didn't like us and he thought that him and his friends were always getting into trouble and we were always getting away with everything. So he went and told the principal that we were doing this gambling thing. We got in big trouble and had to give all the money back.

M: But did anyone actually find out that you didn't really have the card?

S: No, because before we did the drawing we got busted.

M: So you got busted for having the raffle but not for faking it?

S: Yeah, I think some people knew and there were rumors going around that it was all rigged. Jason Cobb was going to win. I think it was my friend Jason Beard and I that were the co-conspirators.


- Sam R