Years ago, (about 1981) I was trying to raise $450,000. to produce a film project. I just had a "Good Idea" and unfortunately, in those days (as it is in the present day, ) good ideas are not considered to be bankable assets. I figured that I should seek out Non-Traditional Financing. I looked in the cheap financial ads in the NY Times, and the Wall Street Journal. one of these ads was put in by a fellow who went by the moniker of "Robert Owen" his simple (and inexpensive ) ad read "BANK on Robert Owen" This caught my eye, as I've always been attracted to simplicity as it relates to the most complex of circumstances. Well, to get right to the bitter liquid -center of this (unfortunately VERY true) story, this Robert Owen got me to Western Union him $500. to be my "Consultant" with regards to finding me "Money" for My Film Project. With each call to Mr. Owen (HE would NEVER Telephone ME, unless it was COLLECT!) "Call me ROBERT!" I would learn a little more about him. after about the fifth telephone call, I learned that he was actually a "Banker" not NOW or EVER affiliated with ANY actual BANK! I also learned that he was actually named "OWEN ROBERT CONNELLY" than I learned that his "Office" was in REALITY a room at the Villa-Roma Motel in Las Vegas, Nevada. I realized that I'd done a stupid thing, and so I sent Mr. Owen a Registered Letter which read; Dear Mr. Owen, Your "Consultant" services are NO LONGER required by me." He sent me a reply on the CHEAPEST type of pre-stamped postcard that the Post Office sells saying in essence that if I ever "CHANGE" my mind, he will be there, and at my "Service" WHAT an education. I sure learned a lot about doing business, and it only cost me $500. (!)


- Dave Whitman