A group of friends and i time travelled. I'm not sure how we did it, but we had been planning it for a while and working on it. All of a sudden there is this super bright flash of white light and we're all on this beach. Its cloudy and the ocean is dead calm.

Beyond the beach is dense foliage, not tropical, like dense woods. We start walking up the beach and it for some reason we determined that it we were either in prehistoric times, or a post-apocalypse (post-man) era. We knew that there were going to be these orbs, like a cloud 20-30ft in diameter that would float near the ground; these "clouds" were actually condensed time. They behaved like a cloud of dense gas, heavier than air, that floated just above the ground. Somehow we were going to use one of these orbs to get back home though we had no idea where they were or how many there would be.

Then up the beach a little ways we see one floating out in the water about 30yds. It looked like it wanted to wash ashore on the surface of the water, like drift wood but was hung up on a big black rock. As we approached it we began feeling weird, and once we were about 50yds away we could see ourselves aging rapidly as we approached it. With each second you could see the skin on your own arms start thinning, dangling, muscle mass disappearing, hands wrinkling. Realizing we were all slowing down we looked up at one another, only to see that we were all looking so old. There was a sense of awe and fear looking into the eyes of my now very old friends. we stopped in our tracks. would we die if we swam towards it?

Then we got scared because we started thinking if destiny was true and you're predetermined to die at, say age 60, that you could die as you approached it much sooner than someone else. We backed away and sat on the beach just watching it. it looked like a small sun, the surface alive, dancing and evaporating.

Then a storm started to blow in. and as the wind blew, little fragments started to blow off and towards us. like a fan behind a vat of dry ice in water. And as these little wisps blew up the beach weird stuff would happen around it. if it blew over you, what you saw while it was over you might be completely different as if it was this tiny, moving window into a different time but didn't affect your position or perspective. We knew each vision was a different time but none of them offered any indication as to whether it was the past or present; or how far away from the present either. At one point a big portion blew over us and suddenly it appeared as though a giant 40ft wave was coming up the beach, curling over our heads about to crash down. I closed my eyes in fear and as the wisp of this orb passed over so did the reality of this wave; it never crashed, we never got wet.

It became impossible, as bits of this orb blew over us, to tell what was occurring now, and what was happening at a different time. But because they were moving over us, the visions of the past/future didn't last very long. For some reason none of us had an idea of how we were going to come home. we weren't even interested in coming home.


- UltraMonkey