Trying to get pants in a store. i grab a pair but they seem to be covered in urine. the smell is terrible. i describe what the scenario must have been behind the pants. leaving a funeral in a car and growing impatient. i cut everyone off in traffic. i'm in my home town. i drive to a mansion with an old chinese man. i find two other chinese men covered in excrement. i race the old man away and drop him off at a graveyard. i have to pee badly. wake up, pee.

Drunk at the opera. people are making a top ten most fuckable list. no one is singing. look around for the group of people i'm with but i can't find them. wait, they're hanging out naked in a bathroom. a naked girl with purple hair looks at me and i ask her if she's comfortable walking around naked. some other naked girls are passed out on a bed. something shady is going on. there's some sort of contest going on. people are judged by lifestyle, looks and communication skills.

then it's on to a vintage store where i'm snooping around with melanie. we are getting clothes for the opera. she picks something out and leaves in a rush. she doesn't pay and the owners are angry with me. all the clothes in the store disappear except with what i'm wearing. i'm too ashamed to get out of them in front of the owners so i buy them. obviously i've been involved in a plot. i leave for the opera and the group i'm with are laughing because they are drunk. they tell me they are getting jobs at a corporate job so i warn them. they are all middle aged fat women and we seem to resent each other. still no singing at the opera.

bank robbery gone wrong. plan is set up but someone else has beaten us to the job. i also forget to wear my mask. i walk in through the back door to see my team mates there. all the hostages are staring at me. they know i don't belong there. i run out of the bank and throw my gun into a dumpster. i try to play myself off as one of the hostages.

Dinner at a high class N.Y. restaurant. i order some crab cakes. the other two people i'm with figure out that satan is running the restaurant. we decide to arm ourselves and kill him. we run out to our limo to get some weapons and we tell out limo driver what we are about to do. he seems nervous and tells us that he is really an angel and that he has been sent to help us. but only when we really need him. run back into the restaurant and the waiter is serving our food. decide to eat first before we begin our holy war. but the food is so good we forget about our plan. then june and johnny cash are at the table with us. june is talking about singing and touring in the 70's and johnny is talking about singing to children with down syndrome for charity. then i wake up.

in a club in England with justin. waiting for some performers to take the stage. find a secret entrance to a secret rave or something similar. a cop sees me and tells me to wait for him but we decide to split. i see Billy Corgan on the way out and i decide to harass him. i told him i harassed him once before but now i'm in a band so he should kiss my ass. he gets freaked and runs off. justin is paranoid so we decide to leave. the cop grabs us on the way out and starts to search justin's backpack. justin obviously has something in his bag because he gets extremely nervous. the cop takes out a small tomato plant and looks at us with a perplexed face. justin explains that it's for food and the cop confiscates it. then he finds a bag of weed and we know the jig is up. the cop says he will let us go if we give him a bribe. he takes our money, weed and tomato plant and leaves for the club. i see billy corgan again and i give him the most insane devilish grin i can conjure which seems to drive him away rather quickly. soon i find out that the cop was actually a fake and he was just stealing from us. i break a chair and i use the leg to beat him over the head in a secluded part of the club. i take our money, weed, and tomato plant and we make our exit. wake up the next morning to see on the television that i accidently beat the guy to death. they have my finger prints and it's just a matter of time until they catch me. we eat tomatoes from the plant.

(these are just a few dreams that i've had over the past year or so. i usually keep a book and a pen underneath my pillow and i quickly jot down notes of the dream as soon as i wake up. usually the writing is fast and sloppy and rather difficult to read as i usually write these dreams down when i'm half asleep. i decided to add these dreams without rewriting any of them to preserve the manic energy they have in my book as they are just as manic as when i'm having them.)


- Steve