I cannot remember precisely how old I must have been at the time, perhaps three or four years old, but I do remember the dream quite clearly. At least I think I do. It is hard to be sure that dreams ever happened, especially so long ago, and that you haven't just fabricated them from your imagination since. It shouldn't really matter, either way. As long as you can hold on to something so vibrant for so long, truth reaches its statute of limitations and anything in your head is as good a reality as the past can ever provide.

I was sitting in a chair in the family living room. The chair was a large olive green ordeal with a corduroy texture. When I sat in the chair my little legs could barely hang over the front of the chair, but that later becomes one of those distorted illusions that occurs in dreams, because after awhile my feet nearly touched the floor. When they did so, and when my parents left the room, the scary stuff began to happen. As my feet reached the crook between the bottom of the chair and the floor a hand swept out from under and got a kung-fu grip on my ankle. Luckily I was able to pull away. The same sort of procedure repeated itself until finally my terror caused me to ask my father to somehow dispose of the grabby chair beast. At this he assured me it was only my imagination and to make his point he flipped the chair on its back to show me that a monster couldn't possibly be hiding out in such cramped quarters. Upon tipping the chair over it was revealed that some sort of mechanical attachment had been installed to the chair, and it was this that was in fact doing all of the grabbing. Some sort of joke, we supposed and then laughed it off. Dad then removes the foot-grabber-mech-monster-practical joke thingy. He then wanders to do some things (people always wander off in my dreams to do "some things") and feeling quite confident once again I make my way back into the chair. Then it happens again, something grabs my ankle, only this time it feels stronger, fleshier, and with all of my might I am unable to break free from the hand under the chair. Then, typically, I awoke


- Reverend Josh Hotchkin...Iowa City, Iowa