I was an intern at my fathers day care. It was like a store front, the first part near the windows was where he took care of the kids and then in the back was a living area where my father lived. I decided to put on a show for the kids while my father was missing in action. Some how I knew that my father was in the back room with his new girlfriend having sex and that I had to entertain the kids until my father could come out and take over. So I dressed up in this giant bear costume and started dancing around for the kids and they were all sitting down and laughing and having a good time. The bear costume reminds me a lot of Drew's bear costume that he wears, the stuffed animal one. My legs stuck out of the bottom of it, I was wearing fish nets and entertaining them and it slowly turned into some kind of sock puppet show where I've got puppets on my hands and I'm a bear dancing around and the socks are talking to me and I'm grunting back like a bear and the kids are all laughing and it's all fun. Then one of the bar backs from where I work comes in and goes to check out the coolers to see if there's enough beer for the kids. And I'm like beer for the kids? Wait this is a day care. And he's like yeah yeah I just have to make sure you have enough. So I sit back and let him do what he's got to do and he checks the coolers of this imaginary beer stock and I turn around to watch him to see where he's going and I turn back around and there's all these cots set up and the kids have fallen asleep. So I turn back around to him and he's coming back and he's saying oh I've got enough out it should last me awhile and I reach over and give him a big kiss. This really confuses him and it sends him running out of the room. So I want to go and apologize cuz I didn't mean to confuse him so I go chasing after him. Once I enter the door he's gone through all of a sudden I'm back in high school. My high school was set up in these things called pods, where there was a giant space and then off that giant space there were rooms that shot off. So you had a freshman pod, a sophomore pod, a junior pod and a senior pod. As I walked through that door I entered into the junior pod area, it was purple and that's how I knew it was the junior pod. So I enter into that area and I go looking for him and I'm peeking in all the classes to see if I can find him. Suddenly I'm no longer in the bear costume I'm dressed in like a school uniform and I'm sitting in one of the classrooms and they're talking about love. It's like a philosophy class. The teacher's trying to get everyone to talk about what they think about love. All of a sudden it comes down to finger pointing about who's been in love and who hasn't been in love. The majority of guys haven't been in love. The majority of the women have been. There's a few women who don't raise their hands when the question is asked, so the women who had been in love start criticizing the women who hadn't been in love.

It came to me and I had been completely silent and the teacher asked me what I thought about love and I got up and turned to one of the woman who hadn't been in love and I went off on her. I told her that no one would ever love her, everyone thinks she's really ugly and she needs to do something with her hair. It was very catty. I make her cry and she runs out of the room. I, as a person, end being in the dream but I somehow follow her - she runs home and she lives in a giant mall in a converted pizza shop. The storefront had all windows around it so what they did is put grease or extra lard on the windows so you couldn't see into the living room of where she lived. She's in there crying and I'm on the outside looking in but its not really me but I can see the scene happening. This guy mall employee comes up to wash the windows and he's getting really frustrated cuz he can't get the lard off the windows. He's gotta get these windows clean, he's scraping and scraping and finally clears away a spot where you can look in and see the little girl there crying about not being loved. She's wailing and talking to herself and he's getting really intrigued about why she's so upset so he knocks on the window. She shrinks away and then tries to put something over the hole he's looking in through - this just makes him intrigued more so he so he starts cleaning the windows really hard. She gets up and comes out and tells him to go away. When she does that she notices that there's this old woman/man figure throwing something out in the trash that looks really interesting. The scene shifts again, it's no longer a mall now it's a hospital. The girl creeps up to the trash can and it's a shrunken little woman. This woman's about the size of my palm and she's all bloody and looks like she's about to die. Since it's a hospital and her father is the head doctor at this hospital the girl tries to convince the window cleaning guy to come help her get this little woman out of the trash can and into surgery. As soon as he sees the shrunken woman he goes running away screaming and crying in hysterics. She picks up the woman but in doing so accidentally drops her on the ground. The woman goes splat all over the place. The woman's still alive but there's internal organs coming out, these little small little holes. The girl runs to try and find her father but can't, when she comes back the cute window washer guy is standing there staring at the little woman who is on the ground basically dead. The girl convinces him to pick her up and take her to the operating table which is now in the pizza shop area. They put her on this pizza tray oven operating thing and they put her through some kind of microwave pizza cooking device that's hospital equipment and supposed to save her life. Like a pizza oven but you go in and then come out and you're better. They're waiting and then the window washer guy turns to the girl and says he'll love her and they start getting it on. Meanwhile there are all these little screams coming from the little woman because the thing is actually killing her and not saving her.


- Paulie Sauer