I don't remember exactly how it started but at some point - I had been seeing this girl Nicole for awhile, she's pretty involved in the dream - ok so for some reason I moved out of my apartment that I live in by myself and decided to be a roommate in this house. This house which is much like where I used to live in called the monster robot house. But it wasn't the monster robot house it was something like the monster robot house with some of the same people and a lot of other people from like the a-zone. Anarchist crowd. I move in and they're all like saccharin friendly like oh sure you can move in that trustworthy hippy way which is not trustworthy at all. So I move in and the guy who was living in my room and moved away - to another city or something - so I moved all my stuff in. Then I left in for some reason and Nicole moved into the house too, onto the first floor or something, I was on the second floor. I came back and found all these bike parts everywhere, on the stairway going to my room - to the point where I had to move them out of my way, it turned out that the guy who had lived there before me had decided to move back in and move all my stuff out. So I was a little pissed off, I had this talk with Nicole about how I hated living there and I hated all these stupid anarchists and their stupid fake-friendly, dogmatic silly ways. So I'm hanging out in the front yard and there's some kind of street theater event going on in our front yard, where someone is laying in the driveway pretending to be someone and everyone's gathering around as if they're enjoying it. It was boring. So I left and Nicole left too and we were both walking around the block opposite ways and I ended up in this gift shop, this weird gift shop down the street, I don't really know what they sold. There was all these a-zone people in there too, but then I ran into Nicole. This weird old woman comes in - the gift shop has all these chairs and sofas and things spread around, people just go in and hang out there. So this old woman comes in and sits down and Nicole starts freaking out and gets up and goes in the back room, I'm a little disturbed by this - I don't know what's going on, I don't see anything wrong with this woman she's just sitting there. The next thing I know these two woman in long white gowns come to the door and there's like a fan effect in my dream, everything's billowing in the wind. So these girls are at the door and somehow are casting these weird spells on the proprietors of the gift shop who also turn out to be these weird witches. So they're having this witch battle in the middle of the gift shop. And I'm like oh this can't be right. So I go to the back room to try and check on Nicole and one of the other proprietors is in there with her and they're just looking at each other and the one proprietor says don't you see that she's evil? They're all evil they're all trying to kill us. I say well I don't know any of you people I don't know who's evil and who's not evil. She's like look at Nicole she's trying to cast a spell on me. I look at her and she's just looking at her and I turn away and I think maybe she's doing something then I'm like well I don't believe you. I start asking her questions about stuff to see if she's a witch, if she would answer me, if she was trying to do something evil to this person. Somehow I was able to translate every thing I was saying into reverse, so I figured if I asked her real quick in reverse and she answers me then I'll know she's up to no good. So that was the end of part one of the dream. I woke up and was really freaked out. Then when I went back to sleep I ended up dreaming about my boss who was also evil.


- Mark Kinsella