October 2006

Last night after you passed out on the couch I looked at you for a while, sleeping peacefully in your green California sweatshirt, and then I went to bed with the dog. I had a terrible dream - I don't remember much of it now, but we were moving, with all kinds of dogs, and somehow there were bugs around, many of them, grouped into different kinds, and one particular kind of bug, a small round black bug, turned out to be a biting bug, and when this was discovered I was in trouble somehow - I don't recall whether with you or just in that general doomed way that happens in dreams, where the whole thing suddenly turns against you. So I woke up with this acute sense of doom and fear and sadness and went to find you, still passed out, and lay down on the couch myself and went to sleep. And that is why you awoke to find me sleeping on the couch with my head in your lap, in my stockings and your shirt, the dog still on the bed where I left him.


- Kleine Fliege