I was in a school that looked a bit like my middle school, only larger and very sterile. I was looking for a bathroom because I had to throw up--I was not nauseated, but I had a mouthful of a hard, curdled substance. I found a bathroom, ran into a stall, and tried to spit out the terrible gunk, but every time I spit a mouthful into the toilet, my mouth would be full again. I looked behind me and noticed a young girl, about 12 or so, staring at me through the open stall door with huge, unblinking eyes, like a Keane painting. My mouth suddenly clear, I grew irate, yelling, 'Get out of here, can't you see I'm extremely sick?!?' A high-pitched voice from the stall next to mine mocked, 'Yes, she's very sick!' I chased the little voyeur-girl into a hallway which now looked exactly like the long hallway from my elementary school. I caught the girl next to the room that would have been my fourth grade classroom, and, grabbing her shoulder roughly with one hand, said over and over, pointing my finger a emphasizing each word: 'You. Are. In. Elementary. School. You. Are. In. Elementary. School,' while the art teacher cheered me on.


- Keara Shipe