This dream I had when was about four years old, maybe five. I'm sitting behind like a proscenium it's like a sesame street like puppet show but I'm behind a building and sticking the characters out the windows. I'm in an apartment, in a hotel room and my parents and a couple of their friends are sitting on a couch and they're having a party. Across the room from them are two sets of elevator doors - there are no regular doors exiting the room it's only elevator doors. So I'm sitting there doing the puppet show, every once in a while I look up overhead to see if they're paying any attention to me, they kind of are kind of aren't, they're laughing and drinking. So then suddenly it becomes really quiet and I hear everyone (sound of footsteps), I hear everyone kind of rushing. As I look up I see the last person's foot go into one of the elevator doors and then the elevator shuts and they're gone. The other elevator is wide open and this thing, this slimy thing like a man but it's horribly deformed with a huge rib cage and naked and spotty hair and a huge head and big teeth. It comes over and I'm alone you know. I'm fucked - they abandoned me, so it comes over and eats my leg while I watch. I wish I could describe the creature better, kind of looked like a totally distorted Neil Young if you made his head really big but with the same kind of hair. If you took him and made him terribly sinewy and muscular and drooling a lot.

- Jayme Kalal