July - Sept, 2002

We shove J---- into a refrigerator. We take a large bar of butter and shove it in his mouth. I give it an extra jam down into his throat, pushing harder and deeper until the butter is smeared all over his face. I take a bit of butter and put it on his nose. "THAT OUGHT TO TEACH J----- A LESSON!" We close the door. I take a trip and come home a couple days later. I ask my friend how J--- is doing. He replies "Yea, he's ok, except there's one problem...he's dead."

I was driving with G-----. We were nearing a graveyard. She had flowers and letters for a recently deceased relative. She wanted to just bunch everything up and throw it over the wall. I convinced her that we ought to go in. We circled around to where there were people, many of them digging ditches in what seemed to be a softball field. CHANGE: G----- is now dead. Her remains are contained ramshackle in a ductaped cardboard coffin. Someone just threw it together, she was in pieces, her face mummified. There was a large group of people around. I was digging the ditch. G----- (still dead) was helping me very ineffectually. The ground was very sandy and hard to go down deep because the hole would immediately fill back in with sand. Everyone just wanted to get through with it, everyone was very impatient...so we just threw the bundle in the shallow ditch. I notice that there are cheap plastic toys bursting out of the seams of the cardboard coffin.

Punching a time clock. Punched it too many times. Broke the machine. It gave me a receipt for groceries.

I was in a fancy multiplex movie theater. I was picking twisty curly fries out of the garbage.

A husky fellow in a black leather jacket wanted to suck my cock. He starts to coat his mouth with lubricant until he has a big gloppy mouthful of it.. I take off my pants and he approaches me with that greasy mouth gaping.
I ask: "Do you have a condom?"
"No....but but- I'm clean...I have an LSD test" he pulls a paper from his leather coat.
"but PLEASE!"

I was going into DUK'S on Damen/Division. I go to the counter and order. The worker saves time on food preparation by utilizing a tape worm creature to get into hard to reach places. The creature would extend his head and grip a food item with its mouth and bring it back to its master. Its body was of a long thin white worm but all around it were many green tomatoes cloaked and held in by dead skin. The skin was old and rotted and busted at the seams. The creature inched its way to the back room, moving like an old man. The cook tried to help the creature by lifting up a dead skin flap to avoid tomatoes falling out...but it was useless. I followed the creature to the back room, which was large and empty except for an old man in a swivel chair at a desk. I ask him what the skin of the creature is made of. He gets very irritated and yells:

I was climbing a tree in a building. D---- was at the bottom playing 78s on an old record player.

There was this kid who was showing me his terrible fantasy art paintings. Some lady passed by and told him he had a terrific tan.




I was waiting in a bar late into the night. There was a middle-aged guy fixing an escalator. At one point he stops it and goes underneath to tinker around. Nobody uses the stopped escalator as stairs, they just stand there. I stare at a woman's ass in a white vinyl dress, the curve of her back to her ass.

I was exploring through a wrecked house. I come upon a room with a naked woman eating shit, rubbing it all over herself...direct from my asshole. She was using a palette knife to smear the shit over my ass and to push the shit up into my asshole. Some of the shit was pastel, ultra-saturated candy colors. She was working hard with the palette knife, trying to get this yellow cord-like turd into my ass. The turd was very dry, like a CHEET-O texture, some parts were covered with a brown slop. She immediately snatched up these turds and ate them. I had to piss so I grabbed her. As we embraced I could feel the warm piss on our bodies, the high-pressure stream washing off the shit smeared on her chest and face. In between gasps she says, "I love you." I wake up suddenly, feeling around on my bed, hoping I didn't piss in it.

I was working at a candy counter. I'm watching this old woman- tall, sunglasses, purple dress, slightly asian, very stiff like a corpse. She's chewing and knawing on a jelly bean, really going at it. Her husband comes up. He is fat and bulbous, a wrinkled shell shaking, his eyes were blackened smudges clamped shut. He starts flailing around because she ate the last jelly bean. The husband comes up to the candy counter, the woman stands ten feet behind. He's shaking, pointing at what he wants- jelly beans. He doesn't say a word...just stares at the jelly beans with those black smudgy eyes.

I am in a 70's wood paneled room with M. We are lying on a filthy mattress. There is a hole in the corner of the wall with trash collected inside. We are feeling each other; the whole thing seems scripted, timed, acted out. I glance to the corner at M's dirty underwear stained with shit. She is on me, I spread her ass apart, brown squirts out. Some people pass through, coming back from a party. Bubbles start blowing out from a machine in the ceiling. Everything is brown in this wood paneled room, the surfaces have a soapy tacky feel to them. We are still going at it, but neither of us are too involved. I wander into the a large jacuzzi room. Same brown decor, domed ceiling, bubbles floating all around.

I met a pretty girl in a library. She had a whole collection of Dungeons & Dragons manuals. We are on a bus and the driver stops for some unknown reason. He's scared of something. The girl turns to me and tells me it is time for me to be fucked in the ass.

I was living in a cramped filthy basement. I am carrying my extremely drunk roommate up a fire escape. The drunken roommate needs blue ball-point pens and a walkman at all times in order to function properly in social situations. Someone gets into a fight with the roommate and he falls out the window. He lands with a dull thud. He has a blue ball-point pen in his hand and a smile on his face.

I was playing hide and seek in this old dilapidated house. There's a tall skinny robot who was preoccupied with something essential to robot life. His head, which was an old rusty tin, was hanging off a nail on the wall. He made a threatening remark and I took his head, put it over my head and ran away. He started yelling after me. I run to the basement thinking I'm safe. Some people bust in the door. One of them is T, whose forehead flesh I grab and push away. Later, I'm upstairs being reprimanded. T claims I threw a wad of tuna fish at him. I start putting my clothes on and notice that my white pants are slightly stained. The stain then starts turning yellow to a deep orange. The smell hits me- old and rotten piss. Then some aliens appear...but not aliens, just advanced humans. They say some patronizing remarks.

I was living in this dirty place. It was 6 am and all the drunks are passed out. I went wandering through the building- large hallways, ornate stairwells, boarded up doors, all covered in graffitti. I make my way to a banquet hall. There are rows of tables with cakes on them. Pretty girls are digging in with their hands, scooping up the cake and eating it.. At the end of one table there is this beautiful girl with short dark hair. She has on a little dress, the bottom pulled up, exposing her cunt, it has little smears of chocolate cake.


- Gregory Jacobsen