Jul 2004

In my dream last night, I was swimming laps, and you swam up next to me with a mask and flippers on and said you were starting a new hobby.




You were in one of my dreams recently.

You were wearing this one piece canary yellow velour jumpsuit thing with blue sequins and shimmery fabric sewn in a blobby shape onto the front. James was wearing an identical costume. You guys had a plan which was unclear to me.

I was trying to load a camera to take pictures as you wandered around these giant crowded darkened stadium bleachers but my film kept ripping and unspooling and spilling everywhere.

Then we were going somewhere on a raft.

I think we were going to jacob's mom's house.

And I had brought so many packages of meat that they wouldn't fit into the freezer and we were trying to figure out where to put it all when some relative came in the kitchen to make vodka gimlets and we hastily threw it into some cabinets, because we were embarrased about having brought so much.


- Deborah Stratman