Dave's Stories

    ...I suppose that being without an actual residence, being an urban nomad is an excellent preliminary to being dead because people don't notice you, you are generally ignored - I suppose the same way a ghost would be - and that way when you finally kick the bucket you don't have to look for a place to pee; you don't get hungry and no one will ask you for a cigarette.

Dave Whitman

1: Cecilitus

6: LaSalle Street and Wacker

2: The Administrator

7: Chinese dinner

3: One thing that I've noticed

8: When I was a real person

4: It gets me very angry

9: The bus vs. the train

5: Public benches

10: People with dogs


     These texts are transcriptions of cassette recordings that Dave Whitman made with the group Temporary Services. To learn more about Dave's Stories visit: http://www.temporaryservices.org/daves_stories_described.html