Hurty Boy


We invented a new game called Hurty Boy. To play you need an uncomfortable reclining "La-Z-Boy" type chair and any number of willing participants. The goal of the game is to move the recliner (henceforth "Hurty Boy") from a position such that its back rests on the floor to an upright position. The participant initiates the game by sitting on the Hurty Boy in upright position then, using a rocking motion, causing the Hurty Boy to tilt and fall, thereby causing its back to rest upon the floor. Care should be taken to avoid striking one's head. Now the challenge begins: the participant must return the Hurty Boy to an upright position. Any combination of bodily movements are allowed provided the participant's body remains oriented such that it may sit in the Hurty Boy in conventional fashion (i.e. the top of one's head must be directed toward the top of the chair), and one's feet may not touch the floor until the Hurty Boy has been forced upright. As of this writing, no participant has won the game.


- Margaret Robinson, David Wagner, Andrew Wilson