In late November of 2006 I noticed a lot of structures seemed to be falling down on people. I started cataloging them in my blog. These are excerpts, plus a few additions.

January 3 - Skating Rink roof collapses. That is just shitty news. A bunch of people died, even a lot of kids. Now I know what you're gonna say - "But Nes! You don't even LIKE kids!" Well, that's true. I don't like kids because they're little and annoying and their voices are too high. But dammit, it's not their fault that their like that! They shouldn't be punished by having a rink fall on them when they are tryin to go ice-skating! That's just not cool.

January 3: Mine in West Virginia collapses. Okay so this is a mine, and not a building, but I think it still counts, because it's something that people made, and that people go in and use. Part of a mine collapsed because of an explosion. 13 guys got trapped, and only one ended up surviving. People are smart enough by now to make mines that do not fall on people. But these West Virginia mine manager guys, they're in all kinds of trouble, because they made a ton of mistakes. They were apparently not smart enough to keep a mine from falling on people.

January 5: A hotel collapse in Mecca. This is just really, really crappy. I'm not religious, but if you have a religion and you are keen on it, then more power to you. The point is, these people in this hotel were there to do the Hajj in Mecca, and the damn hotel fell on them. That is super uncool. They say that if you die on the way to Mecca to do the Hajj, you go to heaven automatically. I don't know what they say about people who get to Mecca early and die in a crappy hotel that fell on them. I'm sure the dudes in Heaven will understand. But I bet there's gotta be some red-tape issues to get through first, because this probably doesn't happen very often. They don't got a form for that, so they are prolly swamped in paperwork. That's a pain for everyone involved, let me tell you.

January 11: Mine collapse in China. I can't find a lot of information on this accident (surprise, surprise). China has all kinds of problems. The last thing they need is mines fallin on people.

January 19: A building fell on some people near New Delhi. [link has died] I can't find a lot of information on this one. Prolly because the media was too busy freakin out about all the other collapses to report on this.

January 23: Building collapses in Kenya. [link has died] This building was five stories, and it fell on a bunch of construction workers. It wasn't even finished being built yet, and it fell down. Now you may be sayin, "Those construction workers did a bad job, they deserve the building to fall on them!" But I say it ain't their fault, it's the manager's fault. See the manager is supposed to get people organized and make sure people do what their told. If he tells em to do a half-assed job, the construction people are gonna do it half-assed. Their just playing the hand they were dealt, and dammit, they got a shitty hand. There were questions about the building's safety way before this happened, but the manager was all, "Let's just forget about that, and keep workin here!" That is bad management. Super bad.

January 28: A hall in Poland collapsed today! This is bad news, because there are a lot of people still trapped, and it's freakin cold in Poland, because there is a huge cold snap in Eastern Europe right now. This is bad news. Some people might just freeze to death before they are able to be helped out of the rubble. We won't know for a while, because this just happened. Still, it's kinda fucked up, don't you think?

February 7: A supermarket's roof has collapsed in Germany. [link has died] Once again, I am not a genius, but I am pretty sure that by now people should be able to make buildings that do not fall down easily. People have been making buildings for a long, long time.

February 18: Another mine collapsed, this time in Mexico. That is a bad scene. I know that mines are not technically buildings, but they are stuff people made and design not to cave in on themselves, and yet it did in this case. So that is a problem.

February 23: A roof collapsed in Moscow. Russia has got a lot of trouble already, and I do not think they need stuff falling on them to be added to the list.

March 23: A commercial building collapsed in Nigeria. Nigeria has enough problems without worrying about their symbols of commerce falling down on them. They are trying to build an economy, and now one of their iconic buildings fell down in a thunderstorm. It was either some huge thunderstorm, or a really crappy building.

October 2: Overpass collapse in Quebec, Canada. Now the Canadian news is airing a lot of Fox News-esque OVERPASSES: ARE THEY SAFE??? news coverage. It is kind of unfortunate, because Canadian news is usually not fear mongering. I understand an overpass falling on you during morning rush hour is pretty scary, but you don't have to get all Chicken Little on the media.

November 16: A building collapsed in Vancouver, Canada. It happened because of a windstorm. No one was in it because it was under construction, but it is still kind of alarming that nature can huff and puff and blow your buildings down. I said it before and I'll say it again: people have been making buildings long enough to know how to keep them from falling down. Look at all the ancient buildings in Japan: they are still standing and they have withstood major earthquakes over the centuries. And they're made of wood, with no nails! You'd think building structures would improve over time, not worsen.


Vanessa Berry