mood ring
celibate monk
waiting for the girl next door
shooting some
a rifle gun
a cigarette butt
a lightning bolt

nightmarish dark gut genital ejaculates vomit
below the bowel emerges
the superwoman
born the biggest babysitter of chicago
where gangways are prisons
narrow wombs locked by eyes

i'm only sick and alone
all the children are sick
dark gut, silhouettes
outlined brown
outlined gray

nothing could hold you
sour black
your aching heart keeps you alive
your thirst for blood - nourished
drag me down to feed --

this is where i am
a million glass edges
animal claws rip and leave rust deep
rivers plow through
cracks, rips, shattered edge
crushed, burned, bitten but never cut
all falls it's own way in
perpetual destruction

we're just fucked up
banging away with some repetition
squeeze it out
ooze together
grind slowly to a halt
then one long hard thrust
begins the avalanche
screeching, tearing, ripping
throwing me off
away from the groove
each vein choked to a fiber
plucked and torn out
a burst boom splatters everywhere
the sound of destruction and decay
it left with me
it left with all of us
a taste of it's bile and sperm
it had stored for us to wade through


- Stelios Valavanis